I welcome you to the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) platform.

The National Council for Higher Education is mandated to regulate and guide the establishment and management of higher education institutions as well as regulating the quality of higher education, equating qualifications and advising Government on higher education matters.

In order to address the strategic higher education focus on technological advancements, NCHE has designed varied strategies to enable us deliver on our mandate and have a corporate partnership and collaboration with our stakeholders. The 4th Industrial Revolution aims at repositioning curriculum development, learners and staff to ensure accessibility and quality of higher education for the transformation of our society.

The regulation of higher education requires deliberate leveraging and repositioning of learners, staff, curriculum development and Science and Technology infrastructure to optimize the human capital development role to support Uganda’s Vision 2040 and NDPIII. We also believe that research and innovation must be strengthened so as to develop and exploit new technologies.

This platform is one of the strategies NCHE has undertaken to disseminate information on accreditation and quality assurance as well as research and innovation in higher education. Our publications and plans are available on this website for dialogue and feedback from our stakeholders.

NCHE appreciates the continued efforts of Government, through the Ministry of Education and Sports, as well as internal and external partners and stakeholders in the continued effort to deliver quality and relevant higher education.

We would like to salute our various stakeholders who have raised the profile of issues in higher education. Your tireless efforts have contributed to raising a great deal of public interest and a sense of responsibility and love for higher education in Uganda.

We thank you for visiting our website and trust it was useful and informative to you. We call upon you to continue visiting this website for new developments as we continue to improve the quality of higher education in the country.

Professor Mary J. N. Okwakol

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